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The Search is Over®

The Search is Over® for Your Insurance Staffing Needs

The Search is Over® TheBestIRS, Insurance Recruiting Specialists, is very excited for the upcoming year and we want our clients ...
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What's all included with insurance staffing services?

Insurance Staffing Services: What’s all included?

Many of our clients come to us wondering, “What’s all included in your insurance staffing services?” When our clients consider opting in ...
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How can temporary staffing be a win-win for you?

Temporary Staffing: A Win-Win for Employers & Claims Adjusters

According to CareerBuilder’s latest Talent Factor, temporary employment has jumped significantly since 2010. Employers have been increasing their offerings and employees ...
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Five Hiring Mistakes You Won't Make - Thanks to Your Insurance Staffing Company

Insurance Staffing: Five Hiring Mistakes You WON’T Make

Mistake #1: Thinking you know where to find the best claims adjusters. An insurance staffing company enlists numerous resources to ...
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Would you pay for insurance staffing? Why it makes sense.

Insurance Staffing: 4 Reasons It Helps Our Clients

Is staffing and recruiting for the claims industry an easy task? Unfortunately for our clients, no, it's not. That is ...
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