Five Declarations Your Resume Should Be Making

5 Declarations Your Resume Should be Making.

Your resume. It’s the key to your next interview for a claims job, it helps define your personal and professional accomplishments and it’s supposed to be perfect (after all, you did spend hours agonizing over what to include). However, if 2017 was the year you pledged to drop unnecessary bulk or remove the bathroom selfie, let 2018 be the year your resume reflects your career aspirations. Here are five declarations your resume should be making:

I’m happy in my chosen career path and look forward to my next step.

Showcasing your resume as one big pity party isn’t the way to go if you want an interview. Our insurance recruiters want to read resumes that reflect happy, can-do attitudes.

I love doing my job well and I’ve been recognized for it!

This year, remove the menial task list from your resume. As a business professional, certain duties are expected of you, so you don’t need to pad out your resume by listing such basic skills. Do you know how to use email? So does everyone else. Instead of letting those tasks take up valuable space, show off your major accomplishments. Did you close more claims files than anyone else in your department? Add that. Did you get a promotion? Highlight it. You deserve that interview! 

This particular job is one I’m very interested in.

Don’t fill up hiring managers inboxes by applying for every job you come across. Even if you are eager to leave your current position as soon as possible – spamming claims managers for positions you aren’t qualified for isn’t a smart move.

I’ve taken thoughtful care to make my resume look fantastic!

Your resume should be ridding itself of unprofessional font choices. Yes, something so minor can have a huge impact on a hiring manager’s decision to consider your resume. Select a professional font such as Helvetica, Avenir, Times or Cambria to ensure you and your resume declare a better career experience for 2018.

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I’ve made sure that when my resume gets to you, you can read it and reach me.

Nothing breaks my heart more than when  a candidate emails me a resume that has a passcode. When you’re applying for an insurance job, use an appropriate file format, and leave off the passcode. That way, we can be in contact with you when your qualifications match!

Without proper care and attention, a resume can work against your job search – whether it’s a bad font choice or showcasing a big pity party. As job seekers, you have to be sure you’re putting your best foot – and resume, forward. What other tips do you have? What’s your biggest resume declaration this year?

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