Is Facebook the Demise of Your Job Interview? Maybe You Should Re-think that Status Update

Be careful. That picture from last Saturday night could cost you your reputation, respect and dream job. Thanks to technology, many employers are seeking out Facebook as an interviewing tactic that has lawmakers all riled up in Illinois. They are currently working on a bill that would make asking you to login to your Facebook page during an interview, illegal. Using Facebook to either penalize or affirm a candidate sounds unfair but tempting, where should employers draw the line?

Obviously many don’t see the line to know that they have crossed it. Invading people’s privacy by requesting to see their Facebook page is unprofessional and gives your company a bad reputation, in my opinion. My argument isn’t because I’m ashamed of what I have posted, it’s because I work hard to keep my private life, private. I keep my settings on private and I routinely delete ‘friends’ that are no longer applicable to my life. Sounds harsh, I know, but it eliminates people snooping through my business.

Now as against it as I am, unfortunately I see why employers would want this kind of access. I picture myself looking at a possible candidate and wondering if they
have a dark side. Just imagine all the juicy details you could get from just one peak? You could perceive if a candidate will be a party animal, more family oriented, or if they would be considered unreliable all just by their Facebook pictures and posts. That assumption might not be true but as a professor once told me, ‘perception is reality.’

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It’s hard to imagine a life before Facebook, I get it, but are employers crossing the line or is the World Wide Web an information buffet for anyone to manipulate? Should we be cautious about how posts detailing last weekend will impact our career? All-in-all, public information is available to anyone including employers. Make sure your settings on Facebook are what you are comfortable with the world seeing.
Now tell us, have you ever been asked to show your Facebook page in an interview? Have you given in or walked out on a job opportunity? Let us know!

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