What to Expect When Working with an Insurance Recruiter

I once heard an insurance recruiter from TheBestIRS tell a candidate: ‘Imagine I’m the agent and you’re the athlete.’ Knowing exactly what your ‘agent’ or insurance recruiter does, can really help during your job searching process. Here are some ‘relationship tips’ to ensure that when you’re working with one of TheBestIRS insurance recruiters, you have the best experience:

An Insurance Recruiter’s Priorities

In a relationship, you expect to give a little and get a little in return, or 50/50 as some people think, but sometimes insurance recruiters aren’t able to give you what you want: a job. Ultimately, they work for a client to find the perfect candidate to fill that specific role. That’s why their services are FREE to you because the client pays them when they fill their position. If you meet the qualifications and they think you’d be a great fit, they will call you. Just bear in mind that they are not on the job hunt for you specifically, they are on the hunt for their client. In a perfect world, our insurance recruiters would place all of their candidates with the best jobs possible.

Great Insurance Recruiters have Pretty Helpful Advice

TheBestIRS insurance recruiters are knowledgeable; they know the business like the back of their hand. They can be great listeners, or a shoulder to cry on (metaphorically speaking). The insurance recruiter is there to discuss your qualifications and skill set, find out what you’re looking for in your next job and what type of role you want: temporary, temporary to hire or direct hire. They are there to show you your options and to discuss the pros and cons of working for a certain company. They can also guide in terms of where you want your career to take you and what the next step would be to get you there.

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Be Honest with your Insurance Recruiter

Working with our insurance recruiters is no exception to this rule. Telling them what you think they want to hear won’t help them or you. TheBestIRS recruiters want to know what you are looking for, so that when a suitable position opens up, they can pitch it to you and not have it thrown back in their face. Be candid, and be yourself.

Don’t let Opportunities Pass you By

In most relationships, it’s frowned upon to be constantly looking out for the next best thing – but when you’re job searching, it’s a different story. Don’t let potential career opportunities pass you by. When you find a job that interests you, forward it to your insurance recruiter. Great insurance recruiters know basically everyone in the business (trust me, I’ve seen them in action!). If you’re interested in a certain job, your recruiter could be that ‘in’ to get you on the top of the list. Relationships, whether with bosses, spouses, friends, or TheBestIRS insurance recruiters, take work and they are time-consuming. Most relationships, through all their hardships, are worth the extra time to make them flourish, including when working with our insurance recruiters. Think of the many perks: from career advice, to resume help, from interview coaching to having the ‘in’ with that one company. Last but not least, don’t forget how our recruiters will go to bat for you on salary needs.

Even if they are a GREAT recruiter, it’s up to you to make your career happen. That could mean completing your Personal Career Profile, letting your insurance recruiter know what interests you, sending out a 
thank you note after an interview, or joining Linkedin.  Whoever said: ‘good things come to those who wait,’ obviously was not jobless or in a career rut. 

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