Are You Using Excessive Interviewing to Find Candidates? Here’s What You Should Know

Are you using excessive interviewing tactics

If you were looking for your next insurance job, would you be willing to attend 17 interviews? According to Dr. John Sullivan’s blog, he once worked with a company that required candidates to attend 17 interviews! This type of excessive interviewing can lead to stress and anxiety, not to mention the strain of having to make up lost work hours. Is this interview strategy actually successful? Here’s what you should know about finding great candidates:

It’s likely the best people in the industry already have jobs. 

As an insurance staffing company, we have learned that the best candidates are usually very passive. They’re not actively looking for their next insurance job, but they’re open to better opportunities. These types of candidates most likely won’t be overly enthusiastic about 17 interviews for an insurance job they’re only contemplating. In today’s market, you have to sell your job and company to candidates just as much as they are trying to sell themselves to you.

Does excessive interviewing actually work?

In my experience, excessive interviewing can just be a waste of time – for both the candidate and the employer. An old colleague of mine had to attend six interviews for an insurance job – even though the employer knew they were going to hire him after the second. What valuable information did they gain in those last four interviews that they didn’t already know in the second? 

Where should you draw the line for interviews?

Dr. John Sullivan’s blog: “Death by Interview: Revealing the Pain Caused by Excessive Interviews,” goes into depth about how much stress candidates are subjected to. As an employer, where should you draw the line? Obviously, interviewing can be stressful and time consuming for both candidates and employers. Isn’t there an easier option? 

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Have you considered using an insurance staffing company?

If companies are using excessive interviewing techniques, they may be wise to consider asking for help to fill an insurance job. Sometimes it can significantly help to have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable about the skills needed for a particular position or positions. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have an insurance staffing company who doesn’t charge upfront to source resumes, to pre-screen applicants or to run background checks! 

Additionally, if you enlist TheBestIRS insurance staffing services then you’ll be guaranteeing another resource to ‘brand’ your company and benefits. When our recruiters are pitching an insurance job to a candidate, they describe your company’s culture and working environment to entice them to accept the position, if offered. 

Is your company an ‘excessive interview’ offender? Have you considered using an insurance staffing company such as TheBestIRS?


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