Employed, or Job Searching: Our Insurance Recruiters Explain why it’s Important to Stay Informed

Employed or Job Searching. Where do you look?

Staying informed gives job seekers, especially claims adjusters, the edge they need over other similar candidates. Here at TheBestIRS, our insurance recruiters often see candidates who are content in their careers that choose to opt out of what they think are unnecessary job alerts. In the end, this can hurt their job search later on. Claims adjusters who don’t stay informed on what’s going on within the insurance industry, can miss out on valuable opportunities, knowledge and networking connections. So, even if you’re happy and secure in your current claims adjuster job, check out why staying up to date within the industry is a must from our insurance recruiters:

Know your options.

Why not stay up to date with the hiring patterns throughout the insurance industry? Knowing when insurance companies are opening new offices or who’s hiring claims managers or adjusters, can help you become an expert in your field. Plus, you can keep an eye on salary trends even while you’re gainfully employed. Are claims adjusters becoming a hard-to-find profession? Are companies offering new benefits like  paying for licensing fees or offering mileage reimbursement? By staying informed and knowledgeable, not only are you showing you care about your career, but it can put you in a better position to know what your deserve with your credentials as a claims adjuster.

Recruit your friends and/or coworkers for claims adjuster jobs.

Staying informed about current claims adjuster jobs might not always result in you finding your next career opportunity, but it could help a friend or colleague with theirs. If you have a friend or former colleague who is looking to make a change, why not forward them an insurance job alert? You’ll be helping out others and you’ll even benefit from a great referral bonus. Did you know that TheBestIRS pays referral bonuses? If not, check out our blog on referral bonuses or talk to your insurance recruiter about these great opportunities.

Networking opportunities.

Staying informed helps you develop relationships with colleagues, claims adjusters and insurance recruiters while employed. In her book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg discusses the opportunities that were offered to her because a colleague threw her name into the candidate pool. In addition, she mentions how her affiliation with the CEO of a particular company enabled her to recommend a mentee for a position there. Sheryl Sandberg is undoubtedly happy with her career, but she is able to learn about opportunities and nominate other candidates. When you let yourself network, even while happily employed, it opens up lots of opportunities. I’ve attended numerous networking events where I’ve made connections that have helped with future projects. If I hadn’t attended these events I wouldn’t have those people to rely on for advice and assistance.

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Stay up to date on important skills and qualifications within the insurance industry.

The insurance industry can be a whirlwind of change; you walk into your office and before you know it, many years have passed. Skills and qualifications evolve quickly for those in the insurance industry. Our insurance recruiters are always encouraging candidates to continue their education or get new licenses. Even if you’re happy in your career, it’s wise to keep up to date with industry standards so you can increase your edge amongst competitors.

Why else should you stay informed within your industry? Have you contacted your insurance recruiter about referring a great claims adjuster you know?

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