Delaying Retirement: Baby Boomers Aren’t Done Yet

Baby Boomers Delaying Retirement

Ever since the economy took a nosedive, finding employment has been a never-ending hurdle for many Americans, especially those reaching middle age. Many are either re-entering the workforce or have put off retirement because of unexpectedly depleted 401k’s, the rising age for Social Security eligibility, or the constant need to stay busy. So, as our tough times appear to be subsiding, job opportunities are opening up for Baby Boomers.

Middle age candidates looking to get back into the workforce have been surprised by the available jobs and the salary packages offered. Many were initially pessimistic, as they wondered whether they would be able to compete against Generation Y and their tech-savvy ways, but it appears they can indeed hold their own. According to recent studies, Gen Y isn’t a threat. Baby Boomers are thriving in many technology-based businesses, plus they are taking Facebook by storm. Gen Y folk would, therefore, be wise to seek other ways to shine brighter than their competition because it seems the Boomers aren’t lacking in skills, experience, or technological awareness.

Baby Boomers Are Adapting.

Baby Boomers re-entering the workforce have typically been prepared for whatever jobs the economy might offer. Those unable to find something suitable have instead found themselves changing career paths. Some have started their own companies or have found part-time work to keep them busy. Many members of the mature workforce are simply not ready, nor are they in a position to walk away from their career to spend their golden days sunbathing in Florida – especially since life expectancy is on the rise and jobs are physically less demanding.

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Some may be skeptical about this age group rejoining the workforce, but it would be sensible to keep an open mind. When this generation does finally retire, our economy may change in an unexpected way. This is, after all, a new era for the economy and for our culture.
Thus, as Baby Boomers return to the workforce, they have exceeded our expectations and are becoming excellent role models to Generation Y. Baby Boomers could very well be the employees we come to base our standards upon.

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