What current trends and recruiting issues should I be aware of?

What recruiting issues should I be aware of? Insurance Staffing tips

This is part three of answering Inavero’s seven questions on how to hire the right staffing and recruiting firm. 

Are you looking to open a claims office in Tacoma, WA? Or do you need to find out how much it will cost to get claims examiners up and running in San Diego? Keeping up with current trends and recruiting issues are key to being successful in the always-changing insurance staffing industry. When enlisting a staffing company, the answers to these questions will help you to better understand their knowledge and expertise for your particular industry, which will turn help you with:

Expanding your business. 

When you’re looking to expand your business in unfamiliar territory, you’ll have many questions and concerns. Concerns such as: Are there a large quantity of highly skilled claims examiners in the area or will we be able to convince qualified candidates to move to our new location? What is the going salary for claims examiners and supervisors in this area? Insurance staffing companies need to stay on top of this information because it’s their business, their livelihood. If they can’t provide you with answers to these questions, the likelihood of them finding qualified claims examiners to staff your new office is slim to none.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business now or in the future, an insurance staffing company can assist you properly. That’s where TheBestIRS can step in to help. We understand how stressful and time-consuming expanding your business is, and our insurance staffing services couldn’t come at a better time to help with your upcoming hiring needs! Whether you need 10 or 100 claims examiners, we recruit only the very best, all across the U.S. No staffing order is too small or big for TheBestIRS.

Getting ahead of the competition. 

Your business is always competing to find and retain the best, most loyal employees, including claims examiners. To maintain these employees, you need to have the edge on your competitors. One way to do that is by offering employee benefits and perks that others are not. Offering employees 401K’s or the opportunity to work from home are big incentives, but you need to know this when you’re hiring. When you choose an insurance staffing company, they need to know current hiring trends that could affect your employee retention. A great insurance staffing company will know what your company is offering and be able to sell those benefits to the claims examiners they have recruited.

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TheBestIRS has only the very best recruiters working for us and they stay in-the-know with our clients and their competition. Hiring and recruiting trends are ever-evolving and we understand that to find the very best claims examiners, we need to know what other companies are offering in terms of packages, compensation and additional perks.

When you’re looking to open a brand new office, hiring the staff to run the operation is a big concern. You need to hire capable and knowledgeable claims examiners and you need to know that it’s possible in that location. Make sure the insurance staffing company you are using can locate numerous potential claims examiners for you to interview. If they are stumped or don’t have a candidate, maybe its time to look elsewhere.

If you’re unsure where to get started when looking for an insurance staffing company, contact TheBestIRS today.  

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