What to Consider Before Moving to a New Insurance Job

What to consider before moving to a new insurance job.

Quitting. Getting fired. Either of these scenarios can occur before you’ve properly thought through the consequences of leaving your insurance job. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed how things can backfire – for friends and colleagues. For those who don’t think their plan through, there can be dire consequences. So, no matter how much you might hate your employer, leaving familiarity and job security behind is never something to be taken lightly. Learn from our insurance recruiters about what to consider before changing insurance jobs:

Financial cushioning:

We would all love to live in a carefree, bill-free world, but we don’t. Changing employers and starting a new insurance job can be a thrilling ride, but it can also prove disastrous if you don’t plan for it financially. Don’t leave an insurance job if you don’t have a financial back up plan as to what you’ll do if your new job is unexpectedly cut short.

Bottom line: Even if you already have a new insurance job, make sure you know it’ll be a good fit for you personally and career-wise. So, when you interview with one of our insurance recruiters, ask questions! Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have a solid nest egg to fall back on, just in case the grass isn’t greener…


The average number of jobs a baby boomer can expect to have in a working lifetime, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If over 10 jobs in a working lifetime seems like A LOT of career changes, you may want to tally up how many you have had. If your mentality has been ’the more employers, the more experience’ in your insurance job, you may want to rethink that frame of mind.

Bottom line: Our insurance recruiters say job-hopping nowadays can make you appear like a risky candidate. If you’re not working through a staffing company and you have 3 – 4 different jobs in 2 years, you could be sabotaging your prospects of securing a future insurance job.

Health insurance costs:

Does your current employer offer health insurance options? Will your new employer offer similar? Some companies may end family health insurance coverage; opting for employee-only coverage instead. If you leave your insurance job, would that type of change affect your decision? If you start a new job, is there a waiting period or does your insurance start on day one? Ask yourself if you’ll have enough money to take on those medical bills if you have to wait for your insurance to begin.

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Bottom line: Our insurance recruiters recommend that before jumping ship, compare health plans, co-pays and deductibles. Be sure to ask when your plan with a new employer would take affect.

Switching from one insurance job to another can be scary. However, if you’re working with our insurance recruiters, they can help prepare you. You can expect your recruiter to go over the details. Such as, job description, location, the company’s culture, as well as the type of benefits they offer. Preparing is your best defense against the unknown.

What other things should you consider before ‘jumping ship’ on your insurance job?

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