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The Search is Over®

The Search is Over® for Your Insurance Staffing Needs

The Search is Over® TheBestIRS, Insurance Recruiting Specialists, is very excited for the upcoming year and we want our clients ...
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How to create a successful team of "B player" Claims Adjusters

How to create a successful team of “B player” Claims Adjusters

This post was written after listening to an American Staffing Association webinar hosted by Tom Gimbel, Founder & CEO of ...
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Are you using excessive interviewing tactics

Are You Using Excessive Interviewing to Find Candidates? Here’s What You Should Know

If you were looking for your next insurance job, would you be willing to attend 17 interviews? According to Dr. John ...
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Five Hiring Mistakes You Won't Make - Thanks to Your Insurance Staffing Company

Insurance Staffing: Five Hiring Mistakes You WON’T Make

Mistake #1: Thinking you know where to find the best claims adjusters. An insurance staffing company enlists numerous resources to ...
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Why do our clients hire TheBestIRS over others.

Our Clients Hire TheBestIRS Over Someone Else Because…

While staffing and recruiting for insurance professionals might be a new concept to people outside our industry, many veterans know ...
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