TheBestIRS helps Claims Adjusters: Tips for a Cover Letter

You’ve learned from TheBestIRS, Insurance Recruiting Specialists, why you need to write a cover letter, but how should you get started? Well, for starters, keep reading – because TheBestIRS provides help right here. Our insurance recruiters are willing and able to assist with your cover letter for current claims adjusters and insurance job seekers alike.

Tips for the cover letter:

Name drop.

Being able to name-drop is a great way to get yourself and your cover letter noticed! If you don’t have an ‘in’ already with the hiring manager -through a friend or colleague, don’t worry. With a little time and effort, plus enlisting the help of your LinkedIn account, you can easily find the correct recipient for your cover letter.

Be Creative.

Being creative with your cover letter can also help you get noticed by the company you want to work for. During my own job search, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a Q & A article with the VP of an up and coming company. This triggered my interest so strongly that I submitted a cover letter and resume to the company. Even though they weren’t currently hiring, a week later I was blessed with an interview. The VP simply didn’t want to pass on my initiative and confidence! I was offered a job one week later. Finding a creative way to address a company will make you stand out. So, tell a story, or ‘connect’ by mentioning you read their latest blog. Anything that shows you took the time to research the organization will show your interviewer you’re genuinely interested in the position.

Proofread and spellcheck.

Prior to submitting your cover letter to a hiring manager, proofread and use spellcheck. If need be, enlist a family member or friend to help you out. Bad grammar and spelling could get your cover letter tossed in the trash – so eliminate that risk. 

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Formatting the Perfect Cover Letter

Your Name
123 E. 1st Street Phoenix, AZ 85032

Recipients Name
Company Name
Company Address
City, State, Zip Code


Dear Mr./Ms.__________________,

Describe the job title you are applying for and where you found out about it. Did you locate the insurance job on a job board, or did a friend at the company pass along the details? Let the hiring manager know. Being able to list someone you both have in common is a great idea. Or perhaps you can take a page out of my book and mention how reading about the company in the media sparked your interest.

Include a quick summary of your career within your current and previous claims adjusters jobs. The interviewer can read your resume and see how you have 10 years of management experience under your belt, but what have you learned about managing a group of 40? Be specific. How will your skill set help this company? Make sure that you cover letter isn’t generic, if it appears to be, that will be a red flag to the hiring manager.

Your third paragraph should list specific accomplishments. A list of bullet points will help your reader absorb your experience and achievements easily.

Your closing should let the hiring manager know when you would be available to interview for the insurance job. Leaving a strong call to action makes the hiring manager see that you’re serious about the insurance job, plus it shows confidence in your skills and suitability.


Your Name

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