Claims Adjusters – 5 Reasons to Attend TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Training Course

Free Fire (Property) Certification Course for Claims Adjusters

TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Course is a FREE Training Course that prepares Claims Adjusters to work with one of our biggest clients.

Throughout 2017, we have hosted numerous Property (Fire) Courses throughout the country and if you haven’t attended, you’ll want to get signed up ASAP. Unsure what this course is about but interested in attending? Check out these 5 reasons all claims adjusters must attend!

1.     Don’t be the last Claims Adjuster to Know.
Since we began hosting these courses in early 2017, we have already certified over 1,300 claims adjusters. This course is designed specifically for those who have some experience in the adjusting field and are looking to further their career. Each course is taught by an experienced professional (usually one of our IA Team Members – check out our blog post introducing TheBestIRS Independent Adjusting Team) who knows the ins and outs that all attendees can benefit from. Don’t let another opportunity go by as your peers sign up and get certified!

2.     Be Prepared for Hurricane Season.
All Claims Adjusters know that June 1st officially means it’s Hurricane Season. Taking the Property (Fire) Certification Course will help you be prepared if a storm does hit. If you’re a claims adjuster who wishes to work for one of our biggest clients, you must attend and pass this course to handle claims. This could be your last chance to obtain the certificate before the peak of hurricane season. Additionally, all adjusters know that even when Hurricane Season ends there are always storms threatening the country.

3.     TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Course is only offered a few times a year.
We only host these courses a few times a year and they’re only available in select cities. So far, we have hosted in 13+ cities across the U.S. If you see a course is available and you are able to attend at that location, get signed up as we can’t guarantee that it will be offered again near you.

4.     Certification Means More Opportunity for Claims Adjusters.
When you attend and pass a Property Certification Course, you are adding one more skill to your resume for your Claims Adjuster Job Search. This can place you over other candidates when you’re applying to either inside or outside claims positions. If you talk to any Hiring Managers, they’ll be sure to tell you that professional development always looks great on a resume.

5.     They’re Free!
TheBestIRS offers our Certification Courses at absolutely no cost to you. While many other companies require attendees to pay, we don’t. Our goal is to have attendees focus on learning the material and becoming certified rather than worrying about paying to attend.

If you haven’t already, sign up today to attend our next Property (Fire) Certification Course. Once signed up, one of our recruiters will reach out to confirm your submission. TheBestIRS Team looks forward to seeing you!

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