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Don’t Put Off To Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today

We’ve all been there. You know you need to do something but you keep putting it off. You tell yourself you’ll get to it, but it gets put to the wayside for far longer than you intended. Then suddenly there’s a pressing need for claims adjusters for a major catastrophe and you’re scrambling to make sure you are in compliance with your certifications. You want to work but you don’t have the necessary certification.

Prevent the scrambling and the procrastination by signing up now. Plus, we will even throw in a promo code!

Why The Earthquake Certification?

According to the California Earthquake Authority, 75% of California Residential Property Insurance companies offer earthquake policies. Many homeowners opt-in to protect their home against potential damage. Due to the increased likelihood of earthquake damage in California, this is a very valuable certification to obtain. Interested in completing the California Earthquake Certification Course? TheBestIRS has a discount code just for you! Sign up here to receive a discount code for $25 off your course.

Once you’ve completed your Earthquake Certification Course, you can inform both your recruiter and our Licensing Department. Email your certification to so we can update your record accordingly. By giving yourself ample time to prepare, you’ll be the first to be contacted when a catastrophe occurs. You never know when the next catastrophe will strike, so don’t delay your certifications any longer.

What other courses are a must-have for today’s Claims Adjusters?


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