Claims Adjusters, it’s time to end your career commitment phobia.

Claims adjusters, it's time to end your career commitment phobia.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of saying ‘yes’ to numerous assignments at once and going with the best one. Many, including me, will admit to this. We have claims adjusters here at TheBestIRS who have been there, or who are in that position now. An opportunity opens up that sounds too good to be true, so you jump onboard – before you truly weigh the pros and cons. Then ‘extraordinary circumstances’ occur, and after you’ve already told your recruiter you’ll be there, you have to back out.

Are you breaking commitments for upcoming assignments?

While our insurance recruiters understand extenuating circumstances, please attempt to honor your assignment commitments. When you confirm an assignment with a recruiter: be there. If you’re running behind on your traveling schedule for the claims job, or haven’t passed a course that must be completed prior to starting, call your insurance recruiter and be honest. Backing out of a position last minute without good reason makes both you and your insurance recruiter look bad.

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Your career commitment phobia could tarnish your reputation.

If you’re having issues getting over your commitment phobia, you could end up haunting your future career plans. If you turn down an assignment or other career opportunity, eventually hiring managers will realize you are not a reliable choice. The last thing you want is to put doubt in a hiring manager’s mind, especially if you are up against another candidate for a claims job.

A few tips on how to end your commitment phobia:

  • In terms of time commitment, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Accepting a claims job assignment that’s a few weeks long, to one that lasts a couple of months, shows hiring managers you’re flexible.
  • Make commitments and honor them; whether it’s for an insurance job or a follow-up call with your recruiter.
  • Be honest and upfront if you have to drop out of an assignment.

Claims adjusters, have you dropped out of an assignment before? How did you handle it? Are you currently looking for your next claims adjuster job? Check out all of our available insurance jobs today! Let us know in the comments below.

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