Claims Adjusters Embrace their Inner Superman

Claims Adjusters Embrace Their Inner Super Hero

When working as claims adjusters you sometimes have to wear several hats at the same time. You’re not only a claims adjuster, but you also have starring roles as customer service representative, grief counselor, accountant and negotiator – all within a typical workday. Not surprisingly then, juggling the many duties of a claims adjuster can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, you should feel proud because not everyone can do this job. A claims adjuster possesses a unique skill set. Your skills aren’t too far off from Superman himself:

X-Ray Vision: 

When in the field, claims adjusters have vision powers similar to those of Superman – to ensure claims are documented properly. Using their super-vision, claims adjusters can see every aspect of the damage before them and determine the proper action to take to initiate an efficient solution for their claimants.

Ability to Fly: 

Depending on the type of claims adjuster handling the claim, they might have to travel a few thousand miles to inspect damage. Claims adjusters appear to have Superman’s ability to fly, since they show up at exactly the right time. Once they have arrived at their destination, the claims process begins immediately, lucky for their claimants.

Super Strength: 

No matter what type of claims adjuster you are, you are bound to encounter some sort of physical and/or emotional devastation. Which is why using your super strength is a necessity to get through the work week. Whether you’re inspecting commercial building damage or a town wrecked by a natural disaster, seeing the destruction can be emotionally draining. Your super strength therefore comes in handy for both yourself and your claimants.

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Super Speed: 

Most days, claims adjusters have so many claims on their desk that it might seem impossible to complete them all. A claims adjuster must use super speed to resolve hundreds of open claims accurately, fairly and in a timely fashion. Claims will always be coming in and claimants will always be calling. Lucky for you, your super speed will help you cover your always-busy desk.

Super Hearing:

 A claims adjuster’s job isn’t all non-stop heavy lifting and flying, many times claims adjusters have to use their super hearing to assist claimants. Claims adjusters appraise damage on a daily basis, so they are professionals at witnessing damage to businesses or homes. To claimants though, it’s a different story. Their whole lives and livelihood were wrapped up in their now-damaged property, so claims adjusters will sometimes have to lend a shoulder to cry on. They will use their super hearing to sift through claimants emotions and find a solid resolution for them.

Not every claims adjuster will take their career to the level of being super hero for their claimants, but many adjusters are working extremely hard to resolve their open claims at this very moment. There are days when there are so many claims to handle, but maybe with a swift run to the closest phone booth, they can be on their way to using their superhuman powers to help their claimants.

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