Claims Adjusters, avoid these seven business ‘faux pas.’

A faux pas is described as “an embarrassing social mistake,” which unfortunately can happen to even the best of us. As professionals and claims adjusters, you should be wary of making such blunders. Social grace is important in any insurance job, so what types of behaviors should you steer clear of?

1. Showing up late for a claims adjuster meeting.

Whether you’re meeting an employee, candidate or client, being late is one of the worst faux pas in business. It’s perceived as very unprofessional and can possibly impact your future relationships with businesses. I personally lose interest with certain parties when they’re late for a meeting. If someone can’t be on time to sell me their product, how will they behave once we’re officially doing business together?

2. Carbon Copying (CC’ing) unnecessary parties at your insurance job.

CC’ing irrelevant parties is a common pet peeve of many claims adjusters. If you’re going to copy someone on an email, be sure you can justify why you are doing so. Don’t be the sneaky one, and don’t clog up a colleague’s inbox unnecessarily.

3. Emailing the wrong person.

I admit I’ve done this once or twice in my career. My inbox gets familiar with certain names and before I know it I’m replying to John Adams, instead of John Smith. It’s a careless error that will look bad at any insurance job. Double check who you’re emailing before you hit send at any of your insurance jobs.

4. Incorrect spelling of names.

This also ranks as a major faux pas with a high annoyance factor within the business world. We get it: everyone is busy at work – but you can’t even double-check your recipient’s name prior to hitting send? Most individuals have email addresses that contain some variation of their first, last or both names, so you should have some inclination of the correct spelling. If you’re unsure, try using a generic yet professional email greeting such as ‘Good morning.’

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5. Not letting someone know when you use the last of something.

A big blunder in the office at any claims adjuster job: to use the last of something (or notice it’s running low) but not tell the person who is in charge of ordering more. Sending that person a quick email is simple social etiquette and it promotes goodwill.

6. Forgetting to attach the items you say you’re attaching.

This is definitely an annoying error that many people make at their insurance job. We advise you to take a deep breath and slow down before replying too quickly to an email. As claims adjusters, it’s particularly important to include all of the correct documentation in your correspondence. So, pause and double-check prior to hitting ‘send!’


When you caps lock an entire email, some recipients may take offense, and as a claims adjuster, this could get you into trouble. Caps locking will have your associates thinking you’re yelling at them. Even if you’re trying to show excitement, it can still be interpreted as unprofessional – so think before you use Caps Lock.

Do you have any business faux pas or blunders to add to this list? How would you recover from one of these mistakes?

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