Claims Adjusters: 14 Licenses to Better Market Yourself

14 Licenses Claims Adjuster Should Have

In an ever-changing job market, we all have to be concerned with standing out and Claims Adjusters are no exception. In order to stand out, you’ll have to do more than ace your interview. 

At TheBestIRS, our recruiters encourage candidates to diversify their skillset by adding new courses and licenses to their resume. When a catastrophe hits, those adjusters with more licenses will be more prepared to fulfill our client’s needs. Are you looking for your next assignment? Check out our latest insurance jobs.

 In addition, based on past deployments for assignments, the majority of these licenses are required prior to starting or are eventually required during the duration of the assignment. Carrying some or better yet all of these licenses can make someone extremely marketable when being selected for an assignment.

More Licenses = More Jobs for Claims Adjusters

When you’re not on the job, it’s important to keep up with your licensing. There are 14 core licenses that Catastrophe Adjusters should be obtaining.
• Texas
• Louisiana
• Oklahoma
• Mississippi
• Alabama
• Georgia
• Florida
• Arkansas
• Indiana
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• South Carolina
• North Carolina
• New Mexico


Two of the most important are Texas and Florida. As we’ve seen recently with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, these areas can be hit with high category hurricanes and both states require additional steps in order to be approved for a license which can take up to six weeks. We always recommend adjusters obtain these as quickly as possible.

Even if you do not currently live or work in these 14 states, it can only improve your marketability to obtain these licenses. These licenses typically do not take very long to process and could help you exponentially in the long run. This will allow you to be ready for deployment once there is a need.

Additionally, our recruiters recommend Delaware, Connecticut, Nebraska, Vermont, and West Virginia as useful licenses to obtain.

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If You’re Not Working to Get Ahead, You’ll Fall Behind

Right now claims adjusters are signing up to obtain these licenses. They’re investing in their future by ensuring they have the current and necessary skills to get ahead in their career. In fact, most claims adjusters that regularly work Catastrophe Claims, Operations, Field Claims Operations, In-Office Claims Operations, Auto Claims Operations and Total Loss operations are already carrying these licenses. Are you going to get ahead or will you fall behind?

Here are some additional licenses and certifications that could benefit your claims adjuster career:

Property Operations:
NFIP National Flood Insurance Program Certification, Insurance Carrier Certifications and New York Licensing.
Auto Operations:
SC Motor Vehicle Property Appraiser (MVPA), PA Motor Vehicle Property Damage Appraiser (MVPDA), and New York Licensing.

What licenses do you think are most important for claims adjusters to have? How do you improve your marketability against other candidates?

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