New Certification Offered for Claims Examiners in Florida!

TheBestIRS is excited to announce we have ANOTHER new certification course geared towards Claims Examiners and Adjusters. This course is a great resource for all examiners and adjusters. However, to sign up you must have experience handling Homeowner Property Claims either as a field adjuster or a desk claims examiner. Check out 5 reasons all Claims Examiners should sign up to take this course through TheBestIRS:

1.     Claims Examiners, this Certification is online.

Yes, that’s correct! This course is offered for TheBestIRS claims examiners or adjusters directly online. You can complete the course and become certified all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Sign up today! 

2.     Certify with the Largest Carrier in Florida!

Obtaining this certificate will help you work for the largest carrier in Florida. Not only is this for the largest carrier in Florida but also the #1 carrier! This certification will give you the edge over other claims examiners for our client because you’ll already know how to use their Claims Management System.

3.     Competitive Fee Schedules

This carrier offers a competitive Fee Schedule that, as a claims examiner, will be very enticing when you’re seeking deployment opportunities.

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4.     Hurricane Season is Here.

Before a hurricane hits, becoming certified should be on your to-do list. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida has a 63% chance of being impacted by a tropical storm or hurricane this season.  Don’t wait to become certified as you’ll need to be focused on adjusting claims and not completing training.

5.     Join TheBestIRS Catastrophe Team

We are currently working on assembling the #1 CAT Team in the industry. To join, complete this certification as soon as possible so you may be added to our roster!

If you’re interested in signing up for our online Claims Examiner certification course, complete this form and one of our recruiters will reach out to you. We’re excited to speak with you!

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