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5 Reasons Claims Adjusters Should Attend TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Training Course

Free Fire (Property) Certification Course

TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Course is a FREE Training Course that prepares attendees to handle Fire/Property Claims for one of our biggest clients. Throughout 2017, we have hosted numerous Property (Fire) Courses throughout the country and if you haven’t attended, you’ll want… Read More

6 Phrases Hiring Managers Use VS. What They Actually Mean

Phrases Hiring Managers Use

During the adjuster job interview process, Hiring Managers can confuse job seekers with the way they phrase their questions and statements. Check out these six phrases, so you can be prepared at your next interview. 1. “Tell me about yourself.” What the… Read More

The Search is Over® for Your next Insurance job

The Search is Over for your insurance job!

The Search is Over® for Your Next Insurance Job Seeking your next insurance job? If so, TheBestIRS is your answer. New clients for us means a continual surplus of assignments for our talent. So, if you’re currently in the insurance industry, find… Read More

Unsure if a temporary job is for you? Check out these facts from the American Staffing Association

Unsure if a temporary insurance job is for you?

There’s no doubt the staffing industry is in a period of rapid growth. Not surprisingly then, insurance staffing is booming. Both employers and candidates would be wise to sit up and take notice. For starters, did you know that the average number… Read More

3 Secrets Hiring Managers Don’t Tell You

Secrets HIring Managers Keep from Job Seekers

Everyday when scrolling through social newsfeeds, there are always articles spilling secrets about ultimate home organization or how to best manage your team that the average reader might not be aware of. Usually the authors are experts in their fields, so whenever… Read More

Why you should refer Claims Adjusters to TheBestIRS insurance recruiters.

Why should refer friends to TheBestIRS

Do you want to receive an iTunes gift card and be entered to win our ultimate Apple prize pack? Our insurance recruiters know you do, but you’re probably wondering how and if it’s really that easy. It is! Simply refer an experienced… Read More

Five Qualities our Insurance Recruiters want Candidates to Possess for Claims Jobs

5 qualities our insurance recruiters want candidates to have for our claims jobs.

What qualities should candidates possess for any of our claims jobs? 1. A sense of urgency. Insurance recruiters appreciate a candidate who possesses a sense of urgency. We understand not everyone can answer their phone on the first ring or reply to… Read More

Claims Adjusters, avoid these seven business ‘faux pas.’

Seven Faux Pas to Avoid

A faux pas is described as ‘an embarrassing social mistake,’ which unfortunately can happen to even the best of us. As a professional and a claims adjuster, you should be wary of making such blunders. Social grace is important in any insurance… Read More

Why should candidates work with our insurance recruiters?

Why should candidates want to work with TheBestIRS.

Qualified. Caring. Knowledgeable. The Best. All of these adjectives describe our insurance recruiters here at TheBestIRS. From tremendous training to networking at trade shows, our recruiters differ from most within the industry. Our insurance recruiters and our people make TheBestIRS a different… Read More

Should You Be Standing or Sitting at Your Insurance Job?

Should you be standing or sitting at your insurance job?

Standing or Sitting at Your Claims Adjuster Job? Over the past few years, I’ve seen a surge in standing desk articles as well as the actual desks appearing in the workplace. Many of our employees have begun using them, and we are… Read More

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