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New Certification Offered for Claims Examiners in Florida!

Online Training for Claims Examiners

TheBestIRS is excited to announce we have ANOTHER new certification course geared towards Claims Examiners and Adjusters. This course is a great resource to all examiners and adjusters. However, to sign up you must have experience handling Homeowner Property Claims either as… Read More

5 Reasons Claims Adjusters Should Attend TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Training Course

Free Fire (Property) Certification Course

TheBestIRS Property (Fire) Certification Course is a FREE Training Course that prepares attendees to handle Fire/Property Claims for one of our biggest clients. Throughout 2017, we have hosted numerous Property (Fire) Courses throughout the country and if you haven’t attended, you’ll want… Read More

Updating your resume? Take this smart step.

When searching for a new insurance job, be sure to update your LinkedIn profile.

Is 2016 the year you’ll switch insurance jobs? Have you been updating your resume and working on new certifications? If so, your efforts will result in attention from hiring managers and recruiters. However, as you begin applying for your next insurance career,… Read More

Find out 10 things to leave off your Resume from TheBestIRS Insurance Recruiters

10 things to leave off your Resume.

Our insurance recruiters have seen a lot resumes. Resumes that are too wordy, too short, too long, ones with too much information and ones that include irrelevant information. When I’m reading through them, the only thing I can focus on is: ‘Who’s… Read More

If you’re looking to accept a new position, what’s the most important aspect you take into consideration?

What's the most important company benefit you consider?

Company culture, compensation, benefits, location, position title? When asked this question at a recent seminar, I gave my answers careful thought. Out of 3000 responders, company culture rated most important aspect.  I found it interesting how most around me were quite surprised… Read More

What to Consider Before Moving to a New Insurance Job

What to consider before moving to a new insurance job.

Quitting. Getting fired. Either of these scenarios can occur before you’ve properly thought through the consequences of leaving your insurance job. Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed how things can backfire – for friends and colleagues. For those who don’t think their plan through, there can… Read More

5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine Brighter

5 Tips to Make Your Linkedin Profile Shine Brighter

LinkedIn excels as one of the top recruiting and job-searching social platforms and it’s known by virtually every professional. Employers have also been flocking to create their social media presence on what is deemed ‘Facebook with a tie’ for quite some time because… Read More

Land a Catastrophe Adjuster Job A.S.A.P!

Land a Catastrophe Adjuster Job A.S.A.P!

June 1st marked the beginning of catastrophe season. Claims Adjusters: are you prepared for our great insurance jobs? CAT adjuster jobs must be filled quickly during the summer months and our insurance recruiters are always looking for great adjusters. So, how can… Read More

How to NOT Bomb an Interview Question

How to Not Bomb an Interview

By now, we’ve all heard Miss Utah’s infamous, “create education better,” pageant response. I’m sure we all cringed while witnessing this monstrosity of an answer. Well, I admire her spirit: she showed strength and determination to move on (she did manage to snag… Read More

Do Your References Really Matter?

Do your references really matter?

Filling out the references section on a job application form was the doomsday of my submittal. It’s not that I wasn’t a good employee or had no one to vouch for my character; it’s just that I hated remembering address after address… Read More

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