‘Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.’ – Oscar Wilde

Be Yourself

Oscar Wilde obviously knew a thing or two, and to this day he continues to inspire people with his wisdom.

Do you feel there’s room for you to heed his advice in the workplace, or do you think you’re better off conforming to your company’s corporate conduct? Once we enter the workforce, is there an invisible barrier we cross?  Do we all become drones, and leave our individuality at the door?! And if that’s the case, how will we ever stand out enough to get what we want from our career?

The ‘Shine Bright’ Personality:

One of my friends wanted to intern at a startup company. She knew they always sought the best and most unique employees. So, after her interview, she sent them a thank you video of her in footsie pajamas where she walked around her college campus collecting high-fives. This company was REALLY into high-fives so not only did she successfully relate her appreciation for their VALUES, but she also thanked them for their time. They loved it of course. She got the internship, and the rest is history.

The ‘Keep Your Head Low’ Personality:

A previous colleague springs to mind – I recall how he would hit his bonus every quarter and then some. He was a top performer – but besides his numbers, no one really paid him any attention. He kept to himself and didn’t interact with the team. We knew nothing about him except what kind of car he drove. Eventually, after he had been with the company for over three years, I realized how he was still in the same position doing exactly the same job, even though those around him had all been promoted.

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Of course, both of these examples are extremes, but there seems to be something to be said for being a standout candidate.

My ‘Shine Bright’ friend continues to soar. She’s already had a great promotion even though she’s barely been out of college for two years. In my opinion, her work ethic, coupled with her unique personality, make her an overall outstanding employee. However…

My former co-worker remains in the same position he has always been in. There could be many factors contributing to his immobile situation, but maybe it really is his ‘keep your head low’ personality that’s made him stagnant on the career ladder. If he chose to shine a little more, would it make a difference?

What do Hiring Managers think? Would you rather have that ‘knuckle down’ type of employee who hits his bonus every quarter but never rarely interacts with his team, or would you rather hire an employee with a BIG personality? Do you think ‘being yourself’ is the best practice or should we all put Mr. Wilde’s advice on the back burner until after 5pm on weekdays? We’d love to hear from you!

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