Be Ambitious Throughout Your Career

Ambition is ‘a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.’ Ambition is an amazing career trait that we should strive to live by on a daily basis. Ambition is the difference between YOU and Joe-Schmo, but the drive and determination to take you to the next step in your career require conscious and consistent effort. How can you be ambitious throughout your career?

Strive for greatness at every step

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a claims assistant, everyone has the ability to work hard and strive for something they didn’t think was possible. Whether your ambitious attitude stems from you wanting to become Senior Claims Adjuster, the Vice President of your company, or beating your best sales month, setting a goal is the first step. Hard work comes next.

Hard work is for every step of the career ladder

You’ll need to make sacrifices and stay motivated in order to reach those goals. Hard work might present itself in the form of reading books others don’t want to read, completing tasks you don’t want to do, or working at times you don’t want to be. On your way to greatness, you might encounter roadblocks such as losing a promotion to a colleague, failing a client, or missing your sales goal. But will you give up? Stay mentally committed; you can’t experience the sweet taste of success without first putting forth a great effort.

Motivation after a setback is important

We’ve all been there; we got stuck in a dead-end job that didn’t put us on the career path we had anticipated, or our so-called dream job didn’t work out. We’ve witnessed peers make leaps on the career track we wanted to be on. Remember, no one goes to bed an assistant and wakes up CEO. In times of disappointing, you must pick yourself up, eat a big bowl of ambition for breakfast and get moving. 

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No matter where you’re at in the career ladder, what steps do you take to consistently strive for greatness? Have you had any major setbacks in your quest for success?

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