3 Things to Avoid if You Want Your Cover Letter Read

3 items to leave off your cover letter

Many full-time employees will plan to change jobs in the near future It seems many employees are finding the confidence to seek new employment. However, perhaps having been away from the job searching process for a while, some forget the importance of a cover letter. Make sure yours avoids these three things so it gets read:

Make your cover letter your own story hour.

I understand. You want your cover letter to stand out, and you think you’ll accomplish that by listing every hobby, favorite food and last movie you saw in theaters, hoping something will click with the hiring manager. We’ve all seen this numerous times but making your cover letter what we call ‘story hour’ appears desperate.

Avoid story hour by focusing on making your letter specific to the job you’re applying for. List one thing you saw on the company website or in an article that made you want to apply for the job. Are you a recent graduate and interested in their great claims adjuster-training program? Mention that.

“I’m going to be honest, this is a generic cover letter.”

Yikes, this line is exactly what many of us have been trying to avoid since the beginning of cover letters. Many people know that sending off a generic cover letter is asking for it to be trashed, but candidates who try to be unique by bluntly saying it’s a generic cover letter aren’t doing themselves a favor. Yes, I did actually laugh when I read it, but I still wasn’t interested. I want the best possible candidate, not one who just copies and pastes their generic one-liner into every application.

Avoid a generic cover letter by first researching the company and then by mentioning an interesting fact about them. Spending that extra time on your application can make a huge difference and ensure a great first impression.

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Make it a pity party.

Never use a cringe-worthy opener such as, ‘I know your client won’t read this nor want to employ me.’ I need to present confident candidates to my clients and this attitude won’t work.

Avoid a pity party by focusing on your accomplishments. Show me how you’re a stand out applicant with a great attitude; one who will be a fantastic team player.

If you’re someone who plans to look for a new career this year, don’t slip up when it comes to your cover letter. Many times candidates get so desperate for a career change, they just send out sloppy applications. Get your resume to the top of the hiring pile, not heading for the trash can!

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