8 Reasons Candidates Miss Out on the Insurance Job

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You just had what you thought was a great interview for an enticing new insurance job. The interviewer lets you know they are interviewing a few other candidates, but they will be in touch shortly. Then? Radio silence. You’re left thinking, where did I go wrong? Why didn’t they pick me?

Here are 8 ideas of where you might have gone wrong:

1. You forgot to follow up

– Hiring managers (and insurance recruiters) are busy people! Between reviewing resumes, completing phone screens, interviewing candidates, and doing their countless other duties, they have a full plate of work to do. Make sure you follow up with a Thank You Note or Email the same day as your interview. If you haven’t heard back from the interviewer within a week or two, it’s perfectly acceptable to follow up with the hiring manager or insurance recruiter to see if you’re still in the running or to provide any additional feedback to the questions you were asked.

2. You didn’t answer their questions

– This sounds simple but answer the question! It’s easy to get sidetracked or give a long-winded explanation but most interviewers pick their questions strategically. If you don’t answer directly, they won’t get an idea of whether you’re really the right fit for their opening. If you have to pause for a few seconds before answering, do so. It’s better to pause and have clear and concise answers than jump right into the question and drag it out.

3. You showed up late

Make sure you show up early for your interview! Leave yourself ample time to account for traffic, finding parking, and locating the building. You’ll want to arrive in the lobby 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview to be considered prompt. If you have to reschedule an interview due to an unforeseen event, let your interviewer know as soon as possible.

4. You were less qualified

– Sometimes, at no fault of your own, the hiring manager just decides to move forward with a more qualified candidate. You may have done everything right in the interview, but you just didn’t match up with the competition. That’s okay – there are plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of insurance jobs in the market. If you haven’t already created a Personal Career Profile yet, now is the time to do so! By filling out a Personal Career Profile you receive personalized job alerts directly to your inbox and increase your odds of landing your ideal insurance job the next time around.

5. You didn’t prepare 

– It’s pretty easy for an interviewer to tell if you’ve done your research. Take 10 minutes to Google the company, look up the hiring manager on LinkedIn, re-read the job posting, check out their blog or social media sites. Those channels can provide numerous resources for questions to ask during your interview. Doing so will ensure you know your stuff before entering the interview room.

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 6. You weren’t personable enough

– We have mentioned before that it’s important to be likable. This means smiling, showing your personality (while still remaining professional!), and a firm handshake when you enter and before you leave the interview.

7. You didn’t have great references

– Not all companies ask for references, but many do. It’s best practice to ask or inform any reference before listing them on your application so they can be prepared should the company choose to contact them. If you’re going to list someone as a reference, you need to ensure they will give you a rave review. Anything less and the reference is not helping you!

8. You didn’t have the right qualifications

– It’s important to read a job description carefully. Job descriptions typically include the skills and experience that the hiring manager is looking for, and if you apply for a job that you’re unqualified for, you may be wasting your time or more importantly the company’s time. For example, if you’re an independent adjuster, applying for a workers’ compensation or general liability role, you likely wouldn’t be the right fit. By taking the time to read about a role and what it requires, you save yourself the time of applying for jobs you won’t be considered for.


There are so many factors that hiring managers put into consideration when selecting a candidate. Fortunately, TheBestIRS knows what our clients are looking for and will only submit you for an insurance job that you are qualified and ready to tackle! TheBestIRS is the top awarded insurance recruiting and staffing company in the United States. We earned that title by working diligently to connect top talent with their ideal insurance job. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, make sure you fill out a Personal Career Profile to get in touch with our recruiters!


What was your biggest interview mistake? Let us know in the comments.

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