4 Do’s if You Want the Insurance Job

4 Do's if you want the insurance job

Having your resume land in front of the right Claims Manager and making it stand out amongst your competitors can be a challenge. Sometimes there might be hundreds of applicants or one applicant’s skill level isn’t quite up to par, but many times claims adjusters hinder their job application process without even realizing it. When I’m sifting through resume submittals I see a few common errors. Here’s how to not sabotage your efforts of getting that all-important interview:

1. Include the right contact information.

Yes, something as simple as including a correct phone number gets overlooked. Job seekers get so excited about the possibility of submitting their resume that they forget to double-check their contact information. Do they have the right phone number? What about email? If you can’t be reached, you can’t get an interview.

2. Make sure your contact information is easy to locate and read.

So, you checked and double-checked your contact information and it’s all correct but then you decide you want to spruce up your resume. You think it would look cool to list your contact information down the side of your resume. Placing critical information anywhere other than when it can be easily seen is distracting and an inconvenience to hiring managers. If you don’t want your resume returned to the bottom of the review pile, use common sense over fancy design skills.

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3. Make sure you’re qualified for the insurance job.

I’m sure we’ve all been there – desperately trying to escape our department. We’d accept anything as long as it didn’t include that ONE Claims Manager, coworker or the same task we’re currently performing over and over. So, we apply to EVERY open opportunity our company has, determined to get out of our terrible circumstance. If you do want to get an interview – don’t apply to every insurance job or every post you’re qualified for, because you’ll make yourself look desperate.

4. Be a positive influence within your network of claims adjusters.

Attitude really does count – in the workforce and in life. As long as you have a good attitude at the office, your possibilities are endless. By being a positive influence among your co-workers and peers, you can become a leader. If you do want an interview, act like the problem-solver amongst your peers.

Getting that first interview takes a lot of work. To get yourself in front of Claims Managers, you must have the correct information on your resume, a positive attitude and the necessary skills. Don’t miss out on furthering your career by making the aforementioned mistakes.

Have you witnessed other ways job seekers or claims adjusters have spoiled their own interview efforts?

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