3 Secrets Hiring Managers Don’t Tell You

Secrets HIring Managers Keep from Job Seekers

Everyday when scrolling through social newsfeeds, there are always articles spilling secrets about ultimate home organization or how to best manage your team. Usually the authors are experts in their fields, so I immediately click the link to find out every treasured secret I can find. Recently, while reading an article, I began thinking about all of the secrets hiring managers keep from job seekers.

Hiring managers are experts and often know what job seekers should and shouldn’t be doing. However, they tend to keep their knowledge hidden. Since TheBestIRS are experts in recruiting, check out these 3 secrets that we wanted to share with all job seekers:

1. Hiring managers LOVE easy-to-open files.

As a job seeker, you need to use a file type that EVERY recipient can open. My personal favorite preference happens to be PDFs. They make the whole process from opening the resume to scrolling to printing that much easier. Plus, I can open them on any of my devices with no issue.  So, maybe this isn’t a juicy secret but a silent plea to all the job seekers out there, convert to your resume to a PDF – please.

Bottom line: Send your resume to Hiring Managers in a PDF file type. That will be your peace-of-mind knowing they can open it and are viewing it in the correct format.

2. Hiring managers begin the interview process the moment you hit ‘submit.’

You are on the spot the moment you hit ‘submit.’ When I’m emailing candidates to set up a time to talk more about the position, I have already started the interview process. Your email responses, how quickly you return my call and the excitement in your voice about the opportunity to work for us are all being analyzed.

Bottom line: TheBestIRS recommends always using a formal tone that includes a greeting, message and signature before hitting ‘reply’ with your emails. When talking on the phone with the hiring manager (even if is to set up a phone screen later on), be sure to show excitement and gratitude.

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3. Hiring managers want to like you.

Trust me when I say we really do want to like you. Having an open desk is every Hiring Managers worst nightmare, because one empty desk means that much extra work for us.

Here at TheBestIRS, when we are interviewing someone, we are hoping we have the right person for the job in front of us mid-interview. As job seekers, it’s important to remember that we were already impressed by your resume enough to call you in, so focus on getting us to like you.

In my experience, every person I interview, I’m like a schoolgirl in love. I begin imagining our professional future together, wondering what their favorite coffee is so we can take turns getting one another’s or if they’ll be SO GOOD at their job that I can give them additional responsibilities.

Bottom line: As a job seeker, you may tend to see the hiring manager as the person between you and the prize, but try to not view them as a competitor. Obviously, not every person is a certified match but Hiring Managers do go into the interview hoping it is. Ultimately, it’s imperative to have a positive attitude and be professional. 

Hiring managers: what other useful ‘secrets’ would you share with job seekers?

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