Unsure if a temporary job is for you? Check out these facts from the American Staffing Association

Unsure if a temporary insurance job is for you?

There’s no doubt the staffing industry is in a period of rapid growth. Not surprisingly then, insurance staffing is booming. Both employers and candidates would be wise to sit up and take notice. For starters, did you know that the average number of temporary workers each week is 3.03 million? (Source: American Staffing Association), or that TheBestIRS average contractor earns $39.17 per hour (which equates to $81,473 annually)? Plus, many temporary workers, including our claims adjusters, have numerous temporary job assignments throughout the year. So, besides the fact many are starting temporary jobs and the pay can be outstanding, why else should you consider getting started within the insurance staffing industry?

“88% of staffing employees say that temporary or contract work made them more employable.”
Temporary jobs are a great way to add skills and qualifications to your resume. Many candidates have come to us with concern over resume gaps. Temporary jobs can help to eliminate those gaps. While the American Staffing Association found that the average job assignment lasts 14 weeks, the spectrum is generally large. The average assignment with TheBestIRS is 9 months. Such assignments are the perfect length of time to add that extra something to your resume that hiring managers will notice.

“66% of staffing employees say flexible work time is important to them.”
In the insurance staffing industry we have many candidates who like the flexibility that their choice of temporary job gives them. Many like to only work the summer months, some like to work before and during the holidays to make extra money and some just like to work occasionally to spice up their schedules every few months. Temporary jobs give candidates the choice to not work 9-5 every week of the year.

“33% of staffing employees say they work for a staffing company because they like the diversity and challenge of different jobs.”
TheBestIRS has found this to be very true. Many candidates find that changing offices, claims managers and co-workers keeps their work life exciting. Candidates like the challenge of gaining additional licenses or working as a Team Lead at one temp job and then switching it up by standing in for a Claims Manager at the next assignment, for example.

“40% of staffing employees say they choose temporary or contract work as a way to obtain employment experience or job training.”
Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’re a veteran in the workforce, temp jobs can offer additional job training you might not get otherwise. While college is great, a lot of job training is done on the job. Candidates who have stayed in one job for many years could benefit from the additional skill building that temp jobs offer. While not every job will offer training and experience, many temp jobs do.

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“11.5 million temporary and contract employees are hired by U.S. staffing firms over the course of a year.”
While we’re not saying you should jump on the staffing bandwagon just because everyone else is, it is becoming more popular because companies are changing the way they hire. Temporary jobs obviously offer many advantages to both candidates and clients, so it’s not surprising the industry is expanding. If you’re a candidate interested in what the insurance staffing industry has in store for you, check out our insurance jobs today!

Sign up for Insurance Job Alerts from TheBestIRS to be notified of new openings near you.The workforce is changing more than ever before – with employees choosing temporary jobs over permanent positions. At first the idea might take some getting used to, but as we can see, many candidates love their temporary jobs.

Have you accepted a temporary job? Why did you choose it? Are you considering a temporary job from an insurance staffing company?

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