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What is an Insurance Staffing Company Asked Most

Being in the niche market of insurance staffing, we’re asked a lot of questions. We get inquiries ranging from how our staffing services work, to how to secure one of our insurance jobs, to wondering if we will actually help their career or not. Our insurance staffing services are unique so we tend to get asked many of the same questions. Find out which questions we’re asked most often:

1. By applying once, will I be considered for several insurance jobs?
From TheBestIRS FAQ’s page: ‘Yes, you will be considered for all insurance jobs that match your skill set and location preferences.’

TheBestIRS has invested in top technology to ensure our candidates are given access to not only the newest insurance jobs but also the positions they are most qualified for. Here at TheBestIRS, we never want to spam our candidates with insurance jobs they won’t be interested in or are unqualified for. Keep that in mind when you apply to any of our openings: you’ll be considered for numerous insurance jobs, but only ones you’ll be interested in.

2. How frequently do you receive new Insurance Jobs?
From TheBestIRS FAQ’s page: ‘We receive on average of 150 new insurance jobs a week, across the country. New insurance jobs are available daily.’

If you didn’t already know, TheBestIRS has experienced exponential growth in the past few years. We’ve formed new partnerships with insurance companies and have been entrusted with hiring for more claims departments than ever before. If you’re new to our insurance staffing services, check out our blog and our FAQ pages to learn more about what TheBestIRS does.

3. Do you have positions for entry-level claims adjusters?
From TheBestIRS FAQ’s page: ‘Rarely. We work with some of the most respected insurance companies, TPA’s and Self-Insured Companies in the industry. These firms use our insurance staffing services to find them experienced individuals to fill their positions. If you’re looking to get into the industry, check out TheBestIRS Claims Adjuster section for tips.’Sign up for Insurance Job Alerts from TheBestIRS to be notified of new openings near you.

Since there are many candidates looking for a career change, we’re asked this question quite often. Unfortunately, we’re not an insurance staffing company specializing in entry-level position placements. If you’re looking for tips on how to get started in this industry, first check out our FAQ’s page and then head over to TheBestIRS blog to learn about the steps you need to take in order to get your foot in the door.

4. How can TheBestIRS help with my career?
Many job seekers that come to us are unsure how we can help advance their career. Why would working with an insurance staffing company help you? By gaining more experience in diverse roles. Our services offer a sampling of different management styles and environments to see what job seekers like best without someone thinking you are a job hopper. Additionally, it’s nice for our candidates, who end up working more than one assignment and therefore develop ties with other companies and hiring managers that they wouldn’t have without working with us.

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5. How much does it cost to get started using your insurance staffing services?
From TheBestIRS FAQ’s page: ‘It’s absolutely free to start using our insurance staffing services. It’s only after you decide to hire one of our employees that you would be billed accordingly.’ 

If you’re new to the insurance staffing industry, you might be unsure how to get started or what it might cost you and your employer. Our services are always free for candidates to utilize our services. For clients, it’s free to get started – so give us a test run. See the caliber of candidates we can source for any of your insurance jobs and only once you see The Search is Over for your open position or positions, you’ll be billed by TheBestIRS.

6. Why is temporary staffing a good idea for my company?
From TheBestIRS FAQ’s page: ‘Temporary staffing offers employers the flexibility they need and want during the busy seasons and hiring gaps. Whether it is because hurricane season or just extra claims that you need assistance with, temporary staffing is a great solution. 

Whether this sounds like you and your company at the moment or not, insurance staffing is a great resource you can utilize when the time is right. Check out more articles TheBestIRS blog to learn about our insurance staffing services, or contact us today to get resumes on your desk ASAP.

Check out our FAQ’s page. If you have an additional question, be sure to comment below and we’ll get right back to you!

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