Claims Adjusters: How to stay productive over the holidays

Learn how claims adjusters can stay productive over the holidays.

Claims Adjusters – what can you do to stay productive this holiday season?

Well, it’s officially that time of the year when claims adjusters (and many of us others) go into a panic. With a plethora of holiday parties, shopping for gifts and trying to get all caught up before another new year begins, it’s hard to imagine ‘getting ahead.’ However, if you’ve chosen to work through the holidays, there’s hope you can be ultra effective:

Claims adjusters – start off prepared.
To stay on task during the holidays, claims adjusters should start off by knowing which team members will be out of the office. Taking roll call prior to the holidays will help everyone understand which claims must be closed before and which can wait until the original adjuster returns.

Head to the gym.
Before heading to the office, hit the gym for an early morning work out. You’ll be surprised at how awake you feel after a good workout session. Arriving in an alert state will help you stay focused and have a productive day.

Take extra precautions to stay healthy.
I can’t afford to get sick at this time of year, so I always hit the nearest Walgreens or CVS for my annual flu shot. If you prefer to avoid the needle, talk to your Doctor about vitamins or extra measures you can take to stay healthy during cold and flu season (We love Airborne gummies!). If you feel good, you can be productive over the holidays. One bad case of the flu could make your desk disappear under claims.

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Strive to show off to the boss.
If there’s ever is a great time to really shine in front of the boss, now is it. Get into the office early, diminish any distractions and be prepared ahead of time. This will be the time your hard work will make a difference to your Manager and he or she will notice your extra efforts.

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Avoid extra distractions.
During the holiday season, just like everyone else, claims adjusters have shopping to do and houses to clean for soon-to-arrive guests. Don’t take your work home with you. When you’re at the office, focus on work and when you’re at home, enjoy getting it holiday-ready.

Claims adjusters, don’t let the holiday season get you flustered. For more tips, check out this article from Forbes: How to Stay Focused and Productive Through the Holidays.


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