Claims Managers: Are you properly staffed through the end of the year?

Are you properly staffed through the end of the year?

For better or worse, the holiday season is already upon us. In addition to the holidays, it’s also the end of the year, which leads many employees scrambling to use their remaining PTO. Both of these events can only mean one thing for a Claims Manager: an understaffed department. Unless you’re one step ahead and properly prepared, of course. So, how can you prepare for the madness?’ Follow these six steps to ensure your holiday season is merry and fully staffed:

1. Role call your claims adjusters.
The first step in being prepared for the holiday season is finding out how many of your claims adjusters will be out of the office. Once you know who will be out during the holidays, you can better forecast on how many claims will be left un-worked, which will then give you a better determination on your potential need for temporary claims adjusters.

2. Submit a staffing request for temporary claims adjusters.
After you know your temporary claims adjuster need, your second step is to submit a staffing request to a company who can deliver. Whether you’ve used TheBestIRS, Insurance Recruiting Specialists before, or this would be your first staffing experience, you NEED to test our services during the holidays. TheBestIRS is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year to assist you with finding temporary claims adjusters.

3. Check your inbox for resumes. 
Once you submit your request for temporary claims adjusters, the third step to becoming fully staffed is staying near your inbox to view resumes. TheBestIRS has plenty of claims adjusters who LOVE temporary assignments and use the holiday season to work. Before you know it, you’ll have resumes at your fingertips, giving you the opportunity to choose whom you’d like to bring in for an interview.

4. Interview the claims adjusters. 
As a Claims Manager, during the fourth step you’ll need to interview the potential temporary claims adjusters – either in-person or over the phone. Once you’ve interviewed our temporary claims adjusters, you can consider skill sets to determine who will be a good fit for your office.

5. Extend an offer to one or all of our temporary claims adjusters. 
After completing your scheduled interviews, the next step is to extend an offer to one or all of our temporary claims adjusters. Depending on how understaffed your claims department might be during the holiday season, you can decide how many temporary claims adjusters you will need to bring onboard. 

6. Enjoy the holidays. 
After you complete step five, your temporary claims adjusters will show up ready to work their assignment on the start date. Your final step is to enjoy the holidays and the end of the year, all while having a fully staffed claims department. You’re the Claims Manager who keeps your department churning at full speed over the holidays, so that the New Year isn’t such a daunting prospect.

If you’re a Claims Supervisor or Manager, have you already begun the process of making sure your department will be fully staffed to handle claims from now until the New Year?

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