TheBestIRS Assists with Interview Outfits for Women. What should be in your closet?

Ideas for Women's Interview Attire

After landing that exciting interview, you’re suddenly over the initial delight and now you’re filled with dread. You’re banging your head against the wall, asking yourself ‘Oh no! What do I wear to the interview?’ It should be easy enough, but first impressions are so important when interviewing – don’t be overlooked for a reason as small as wearing inappropriate shoes. TheBestIRS is here to help. This week, we enlist the help of Pinterest to give women some inspirational tips and visuals on appropriate interview attire.

Pencil skirts
We love pencil skirts because they’re functional and cute, plus they work on all body types. Wear them with a blazer for a suit look or add a cute blouse. Either way, you’ll be interview-ready.


  • Make sure your pencil skirt is long enough: slightly above the knee or the longer tea-length styles are both interview appropriate.
  • If your top is patterned, pair with a solid colored pencil skirt.
  • Watch for slits.
  • Always wear nylons with skirts, no matter the temperature.
  • Some of our favorite stores to shop for a pencil skirt are Banana Republic and New York & Company.

Well-fitted blazer
A blazer is an essential piece to create plenty of interview outfits for women. It adds a polished touch to complete your interview outfit. Fortunately buying a well-fitted blazer doesn’t have to break the bank. I lucked out and found the perfect black blazer for seven dollars at Kohls! Try on, try on and try on. Finding a flattering blazer will take time. Be patient – it might take a few shopping trips to find one that fits like a glove.


  • Be sure to bend your arms and move around in the blazer before you buy.
  • Do pockets matter to you? Consider that in the blazer you are looking at.
  • Our favorite collections can be found at Kohl’s such as Lauren Conrad’s line and Apt 9. We also love   Banana Republic.

Statement dress
If you hate the thought of having to mix and match outfits, try a statement dress. You can throw one on with a blazer and you’re good to go. You can even wear it by itself. Either way, the statement dress is one of our favorite interview outfits for women of all time.


  • Watch the length, too short makes you look unprofessional.
  • Watch the neckline: it shouldn’t be too revealing.
  • If your dress is patterned, add minimal jewelry and solid colored heels.
  • Nylons with a dress always add a professional touch and are a MUST.
  • Favorite places to shop for statement dresses are Kohls, H&M, Cache and The Limited.

Closed-toe heels
When summer hits, many women are tempted to throw on their favorite wedges or strappy stilettos for an interview, but we do not recommend this. Closed toe shoes and a lower heel are better suited for an interview. Bonus: you’ll be more comfy and you don’t have to splurge on a pedicure!


  • Do your research for comfortable heels: check reviews, try on both shoes and walk around. Make sure they don’t pinch your toes or rub your heel.
  • Bring nylons to be sure your heel won’t slip out when wearing them.
  • Our favorite stores to buy comfortable and cute heels are Payless Shoes, Aldo and DSW.

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Stylish Pants
I used to hate wearing dress pants because I thought they were all ugly and boring. Luckily, I stumbled across stores that offered cute options even for me. Add a pair of pants to your closet for a back up look. When you find you don’t have nylons or when it’s too cold for a pencil skirt, you’ll appreciate them!

  • If you must buy pants too long, set an appointment with your tailor to get the hemline altered before you wear them.
  • Don’t buy pants in a size based on what you hope to fit into after the holidays. Buy for your shape now, so you can look good now.
  • Some of our favorite places to buy stylish dress pants are The Gap, White House/ Black Market and Old Navy (We LOVE their current line of pixie pants!)

Getting a call from a hiring manager is a thrilling experience. Freaking out over what to wear to an interview shouldn’t dampen your excitement. While we love these ideas for your next big interview, these outfits are also perfect for business meetings, trade shows and conferences. 

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