How to Gauge the Success of a Trade Show

How to gauge the success of a trade show.

TheBestIRS recently traveled to the PLRB Conference in Indianapolis, and it was a huge success for us! Whether we were enticing attendees to spin our wheel, or meeting with our great clients, we introduced hundreds of attendees to exactly what TheBestIRS does and how we can help them. Are you an exhibitor, member or presenter? If so, how do you gauge trade show success?

The connections you make.
No matter what trade show you attend, making connections is one of the most beneficial reasons to go. Getting your name out there in your industry impacts not only yourself, but also your personal brand and the company you work for. Meeting with people and showing an interest in what they do, makes you memorable. Likewise, doing something to reflect poorly on yourself will also reflect poorly onto your company. So, work hard during and after the trade show to maintain an upbeat, professional and respectful attitude. 

The referrals that occur.

Referrals are HUGE to TheBestIRS and we love them! While attending PLRB we ran into many of our clients, who then referred us to their colleagues and co-workers. In-person referrals are priceless because we can spread the word of TheBestIRS; letting people know they have a staffing company at their fingertips. So, while at a trade show, if you run into a company you’ve had great success with, give them a review or referral. Word of mouth is a greatly appreciated bonus to every company out there.

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The knowledge gained.
Whether you’re there as a member or exhibitor, there’s so much to learn at PLRB or indeed any trade show. While walking through the exhibit hall, I learned about the art restoration business, technology companies that work primarily to assist those in the insurance industry and the IA firms that specialize in training and mentoring new claims adjusters. Hundreds of people gained knowledge about TheBestIRS services so when a catastrophe hits, or when they need a temporary claims adjuster, they know they have a staffing solution.

PLRB 2014 was a monumental success for TheBestIRS and for myself. We were able to meet with current partners, introduce ourselves to prospective clients and gain more understanding of what positions are the hardest to fill. How do you gauge the success of a trade show? What do you most look forward to when attending?

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