TheBestIRS (Insurance Recruiting Specialists) has a New Look!

TheBestIRS has a new look!

At the beginning of 2014, we gifted ourselves a new look. We are now officially known as TheBestIRS (pronounced The – Best – I-R-S). So, why did we make the change? Three reasons: a) to match our domain name, b) to make it easier for both our clients and candidates to find us and c) because so many of our clients and candidates already thought that was our name! However, while our name is new and our logo has been updated, here are a few things that definitely did not change:

We provide temporary staffing and direct hire recruiting services. 

We’re still the leading provider for temporary staffing and direct hire recruiting for insurance jobs – specializing in Workers’ Compensation and Property Casualty. Our knowledgeable insurance recruiters are continually making those personable connections with new candidates and filling insurance jobs efficiently and effectively for our clients.

We make it simple for our clients to submit a job order.

Placing an order with TheBestIRS is still just as easy as before! You can email your account manager asking TheBestIRS to send claims adjuster resumes. Or, head on over to our website and submit a job order online. The process is as stress-free as always for you.

We make it easy for our candidates to apply for jobs. 
We pride ourselves in having one of the easiest application processes in the industry. Simply browse our jobs on, find one you like, enter your contact information, and boom you’re done! Alternatively, complete your Personal Career Profile. It takes just two minutes to answer a few questions about yourself. When your skills and experience match an open position we will send you an insurance job alert e-mail. If you’re interested in the job, you simply reply with your first and last name.

We are the team you rely on.
With a name change, some might wonder about new management or whether two companies have joined for the greater good, but that’s not the case with TheBestIRS. Our President and owner – Brad Dunlap, still represents us. Plus, we still have the most knowledgeable insurance recruiters in your location and your personal account managers in place. We’re remaining the staffing solution you’ve been searching for. We get the job done!

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 We are available to help you in all 50 states.
Our insurance recruiters are still located in all of the major local markets throughout the United States. Our recruiters constantly source and meet qualified claims adjusters who want to work in your offices. Wherever you are located, TheBestIRS is qualified to find and place only the very best candidates for your open claims jobs.

We started out the year with a new look but the excellence our clients and candidates have come to expect isn’t new. We are still just as determined to show you that once you’ve found TheBestIRS, The Search Is Over. Complete your Personal Career Profile now or place an order today! 

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