Are you scaring away Employers on Social Media?

Are you scaring away employers on social media?

Leaving our digital thumbprint, whether good or bad, has proven to be extremely easy thanks to the many social sites that allow us to like, share, post, and tweet on a second-by-second basis. Now, I’ve written in the past about how social media can help you land a job (when you’re utilizing it in the right way), but what about when it works against you and your career search? Could you be sabotaging your career efforts without even knowing it? Read on…

Posting inappropriate content.
The career woman in me wants to strictly enforce that as adults we should have put our days of using inappropriate content on social media far behind us. But the realistic side of me knows we’ve all posted some questionable pictures or words that unfortunately can’t be taken back.

Hopefully though, you’ve gained some insight into the professional world and realized that neither your current boss nor your future employer will be impressed by your astonishing ability to stay out until 2am on a weekday.

What should you do?
Even when you can’t erase your past posts, tweets, and likes, you can start being more conscious about what you share and post. Keep your social media settings on private and only allow content and pictures to show up on your wall after you approve them.

Spelling errors.
A few spelling errors on social media might be expected (I still wonder how hash tags aren’t scrutinized by autocorrect) but when you start exchanging ‘i’s for ‘z’s and ‘to’ for ‘2’ – you’re not putting your best foot forward. Plus, when an insurance recruiter looks at your profile and reads, ‘I’m looking 2 move jobz, ne1 know of 1?’ They’ll start to wonder if you’re going to respond to claimants with that spelling.

What should you do?
Just because you’re active on social media doesn’t mean you should start typing like you’re in middle school. Whether you’re posting your own content or sharing someone else’s post, double-check your spelling and grammar before hitting ‘enter’.

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Talking bad about customers, co-workers or boss.
Everyone has days where we get a little annoyed by customers, co-workers or that over-bearing boss. We might’ve tweeted a rant about a customer who ruined our day or maybe we complained on Facebook about a mandatory meeting early on a Saturday morning. Sure, we feel better after a few people ‘like’ our status and offer their condolences, but what about when our bad-mouthing gets back to our company and superiors?

What should you do?
When you’re at the brink of ranting to the social world after a hard day, step away from your computer, put down the smart phone and instead choose to vent to a close friend. People who’ve posted slandering remarks about their company or complained about a customer will tell you they learned the hard way how social sites are definitely not ‘under the radar’ to employers.

When using social media correctly it’s fun, plus it keeps you connected to both the business and personal world and it can help you find your next insurance job. What other tips do you have to using social media? Have you regretted anything you’ve posted in the past? 

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