Land a Catastrophe Adjuster Job A.S.A.P!

Land a Catastrophe Adjuster Job A.S.A.P!
June 1st marked the beginning of catastrophe season. Claims Adjusters: are you prepared for our great insurance jobs? CAT adjuster jobs must be filled quickly during the summer months and our insurance recruiters are always looking for great adjusters. So, how can you be prepared to be placed immediately? Sign up to be on TheBestIRS roster!

Here at TheBestIRS, our insurance recruiters work around the clock to recruit the best of the best for our clients. Whether they work the East or West coast or are placing candidates throughout the Midwest, they’re always on the lookout for great Catastrophe Adjusters to recruit. So, why not go ahead and submit your resume, get to know your insurance recruiter and ensure you’re the first adjuster on his list to call when you’re needed?

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During Catastrophe season, I don’t think anyone working in our main office ever sleeps because when a catastrophe hits, the job orders start pouring in. Our clients race to get Catastrophe Adjusters out in the field to start documenting damage – usually within 24 hours. TheBestIRS is on a mission to get our clients the candidates they need and get the Catastrophe Adjusters the work they are looking for. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill out a Personal Career Profile todayget on our roster, and let our insurance recruiters know you’re ready to go. If you haven’t already signed up for Insurance Job Alerts, find out here why you need them

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