How Can Insurance Staffing Firms Help Employers with Healthcare Reform?

How can Insurance Staffing with Obamacare?

With Healthcare Reform inching its way closer and closer, many companies are anxiously trying to lessen the additional financial responsibilities they will soon be faced with.

In recent years we have seen an increase in temporary employees in the workforce. The high cost of a bad hire and the risk of taking someone on only to end up having to lay them off a few months down the line are strong deterrents for in-house recruiters and human resource departments. Employers are wary about committing to employees long term and with healthcare reform looming, they look to dodge yet another bullet.

Whether large or small, healthcare reform has businesses scared that the growth they want to see will be drastically impacted. The steep penalties or the option to offer health insurance to all full time employees are making companies reconsider their expansion and hiring plans. Thus, companies (whether in the insurance industry or not), are increasing their use of temporary staff.

There’s no way around it. If you have more than 50 full time employees you either have to offer affordable health insurance coverage, or pay the penalty. However, there is one other option: commit to an insurance staffing company as a partner! You don’t have to worry about healthcare reform with your temporary employees because your insurance staffing firm is responsible for the claims adjusters they supply to you.

Claims adjusters can be on temporary assignments ranging from weeks to months out of the year. This means you are able to hire a GREAT employee without having to worry about long term financial implications.

Have YOU considered using temporary insurance adjusters to help your business grow?
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