Insurance Staffing & The Big, Bad Word ‘Temporary’: Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid.

Why you shouldn't be afraid of the word 'temporary.'

tem·po·rar·y: lasting, existing, serving or effective for a time only; not permanent. (adj.)

Does this definition send chills down your spine? Believe me, I used to feel the same way – until I joined the largest insurance staffing company, TheBestIRS, and learned what ‘temporary’ means. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of the word, ‘temporary.’

Insurance staffing can find you qualified claims adjusters who want a temporary opportunity.
In the past, hiring managers viewed their potential candidates as ticking time bombs; fearing as to how long the employee might give the company their talent, their time, and their life. Hiring departments worried that their firm was merely a ‘band-aid for a bullet wound’ solution to the candidate’s ultimate career plans, and that the potential employee might be a job-hopper. But indeed, times have changed…Temporary candidates offer an array of skills, licenses and designations that often make them a perfect fit for a company for a limited time. Claims adjusters are priceless during catastrophe season, (just ask our clients!). When clients come to us with their insurance staffing needs because an employee has a leave of absence, we have claims adjusters who are ready to step in!Temporary claims adjusters are just as dedicated as your permanent employees – and many times, more since they are fresh to the office. TheBestIRS has tons of claims adjusters that have been on continuous assignments because they care about their work. You should enjoy the fact that TheBestIRS helps you the very best when it comes to insurance staffing and fulfilling your temporary needs.

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Since starting with TheBestIRS and seeing many friends and colleagues enter insurance staffing, I’ve learned that that not every job is meant to be permanent. Candidates who accept a temporary position don’t make them any less valuable or hardworking. So next time you find yourself in need of help from insurance staffing, look to TheBestIRS to help find you claims adjusters.

Insurance staffing can help you find your next temporary claims adjuster job.
For temporary claims adjusters, it’s about knowing WHAT you have, WHEN you have it. Insurance jobs are ever-changing because the weather determines the need for claims adjusters during catastrophe season. Other times, we have clients that go through a huge growth spurt and need temporary claims adjusters to help them get caught up. Many of our temporary candidates love the jobs we offer because of the consistent work availability and salary opportunities. Plus, many of our claims adjusters take time off in between assignments to enjoy their personal lives. Temporary assignments let them appreciate a change of scenery, atmosphere, as well as a healthy mix of co-workers and bosses.So, don’t step into your temporary job and worry that it’s only for X amount of time. Instead, approach it as a new adventure. Don’t forget to network and pick up experience (as well as recommendations) for future assignments!

The word temporary might initially seem alarming, but it doesn’t take into account what an asset the employee can be to a company, nor what a great opportunity the position might offer them. Hopefully after reading this, the word ‘temporary’ will find its way into your lingo if you’re a hiring manager. Or if you’re a candidate, perhaps you’ll now be more excited to accept an adjuster job if you see the word temporary attached to it.

To the dictionary the word temporary means ‘lasting, existing, serving or effective for a time only’, but to TheBestIRS the word means hardworking candidates, knowledgeable recruits and great employers.

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