Halloween is for Haunted Houses, Not Haunting Hazards

Haunted Hazards

Halloween has most of us thinking about candy, costumes and haunted houses.  We might not give much thought to the issue of safety when making plans for October 31st, but sparing a few moments to ensure the wellbeing of you, your children, and the trick or treaters around you during this holiday should become a necessity:

Assess your property for possible safety hazards
Check around your residence for any signs of debris that are or could block your main walkway.  Rotting rails, spills on stairs or tree roots sticking out could all be potential hazards for the trick-or-treaters making their way to your door.

Supervise young children
Auto accidents over Halloween have almost quadrupled in the past 10 years. Keep your little monsters on the sidewalks and watch them diligently if they should need to cross the street. Reflective clothing or tape can be a fun way to jazz up Halloween costumes, while taking an added safety precaution after dusk.

Be aware of your surroundings
While most are out to have a good time on Halloween, beware of the troublemakers who might be out to spoil the fun.  Vandals could be on the streets, so steer clear or notify the authorities of individuals who look suspicious.  Also, make sure candy is properly wrapped and labeled before accepting and consuming it. Avoid eating homemade goods, unless you know and trust the baker.

A Few More Helpful Tips:

  • Ensure you have good visibility (open up the eye holes of that scary mask!)
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Carry a flashlight at all times
  • Pre-plan your route and inform parents or friends
  • Wear a properly fitted costume

Halloween is about having fun. Just take a few seconds to consider these tips to minimize danger to both yourself and others.  Dress up, have fun and have a very spoooooooky Halloween!

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