10 Ways to Keep BOTH Your Fitness and Career Goals

10 ways to keep your fitness and career goals

Have You Reached Your Goals in the New Year?

By now, many of our New Year’s resolutions are already gone and forgotten: save more money (which failed because you booked an impromptu trip to Denver), take a new career path (you couldn’t find time to look since you were too busy complaining about your boss), or perhaps you decided this year would be your fittest year ever, so you got a gym membership, but never actually made it there past January 5th. While New Year’s resolutions tend to come and go, many of us strive to change our career and fitness routines throughout the year. With that in mind, here are 10 ways you can keep BOTH your fitness and career goals: 

10. Download an audiobook from an entrepreneur or your company’s CEO and listen to it on your next run.
No matter how far you’re running (or walking), that’s the perfect, uninterrupted ‘you time’ to put a dent in that career help book you’ve been trying to get to. Even if it’s only enough time to get through one chapter, you will work your mind as you work your body. Perhaps you’ll gain valuable insight on how to better manage your team, or acquire tips on how to be more productive around your office. 

9. Enlist a co-worker to join you at the company gym. 
If you’re lucky enough to have an onsite gym at work, use that to benefit both your career and your fitness goals. Ask a co-worker to join you for a cardio session or Zumba class over lunch. Co-worker interactions outside the office environment can boost relationships; you’ll bond over a mutual hobby and instill accountability in each other. That colleague might just end up helping out on that future team project, all because of the friendship you fostered in the gym.

8. Join a running or hiking group to network with others.

Networking with people, whether they’re in your field or not, is a must-do. Why not keep your networking casual and sign up for a running or hiking group where you can meet new connections? It’s all about who you know, and you could meet your next big client thanks to your running partner! 

7. Is there a gym near your office that a lot of big-wigs frequent? Sign up.

A gym offers countless networking opportunities. When you walk through those doors, you never know who you might meet. You could end up playing a pick up game of basketball with a manager you’ve wanted to interview with. Get to know him and vice versa. After you make the game winning shot, share your great ideas with him!

6. Multitask on your power walk and ‘follow’ companies on LinkedIn.

To get ahead in your career, you must be on LinkedIn (unsure about how to get started? (Check out our previous blog!). While working out, peruse companies you want to interview for, ‘follow’ them, and see if you already know any of their employees. If so, connect with them! Send them a message just to check in. See what career openings they have available on their career section and read their latest blogs.

5. Do you have a weekly meeting that needs shaking up? Instead of sitting in a stuffy office, suggest you all head outside and walk around the building a few times. You’ll clear your head and fit some cardio into your day. 

4. Hop on both the stationary bike and your LinkedIn account to search for new connections to advance your professional reach. 
LinkedIn is your online networking – so be sure to put extra time and energy into really harnessing its influences. Multitask by biking some miles while improving your digital thumbprint on LinkedIn. 

3. Jump on the stair master and get your motivation back into gear. 
When you feel yourself starting to cool off from your New Year’s resolution, plan a reward for your hard work. Perhaps a refreshing beach getaway is in order. Just think how your productivity will soar upon your return. Or maybe you want to spice up your work attire. If so, schedule a shopping spree to buy new interview outfits. Rewards help you to stay on track to achieve your goals.

2. Travel a lot for your job? Know your limits. 
When you’re at a trade show or conference, the never-ending parties can be damaging to your health habits. Limit your alcohol intake and get to bed early. Wake up early to squeeze in a yoga session or mix up your workout routine by going for an early morning swim, especially if you don’t usually have access to a pool. 

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What other tips do you have for combining fitness and career goals? Have you signed up for TheBestIRS Insurance Job Alerts yet? 

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