10 things to leave off your Resume from TheBestIRS Insurance Recruiters

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Our insurance recruiters have seen a lot resumes. Resumes that are too wordy, too short, too long, ones with too much information and ones that include irrelevant information. When I’m reading through them, the only thing I can focus on is: ‘Who’s telling these people to add this stuff?!’ So, whether or not you’re looking for a new insurance job, you should keep your resume up-to-date and fresh. 

Does your resume include any of these ten items that our insurance recruiters recommend keeping off? If it does, consider some changes before you apply for your next insurance job!

10. Certified Forklift Operator.

 Adding irrelevant information to your resume just wastes hiring managers and insurance recruiters time. Unless they ask for this type of specific skill or requirement in the job description, leave it off your resume. Keep it relevant to the job you are applying for.

9. Spouse contact information.

 Our insurance recruiters have seen far too many resumes with both the candidate and their spouse’s information listed. Even if you’re applying for the insurance job as a team, you should each have your own resume and email address. 

8. Your weight. 

Unless you’re applying to be a sumo wrestler, we have no idea why this would be valuable information. 

7. Your date of birth. 

Don’t add information that could hinder or influence opinion, such as; date of birth, race, religion, etc. 

6. ALL of your previous insurance jobs. 

We will not spend all day looking at your resume. So, list only recent (within the past 10 years) work experiences and internships. 

5. Hobbies. 

Crocheting and collecting sports memorabilia are both great hobbies, but your potential employer doesn’t care. Our insurance recruiters need to know you can do the job, so don’t shadow your job skills by letting us know you like antiquing or working out. If you want to get hired – don’t add hobbies.

4. Incorrect email address. 

If your email address is incorrect or outdated you will simply be ruining your chances of finding your next insurance job. It’s likely the employer will contact you with a few screening questions or your availability for a phone interview. Triple check that your e-mail address is professional and perfect!

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3. Self Portrait. 

Once again, our insurance recruiters don’t care what you look like, as long as you have the skills and qualifications. So, when you submit your resume, you can skip the glamour shot. 

2. Your Social Security Number. 

Your social security number is only needed AFTER you get the insurance job. Our operations department will run a background check and set you up in our payroll system. Until that moment comes: keep your social security number private. 

1. A non-working phone number. 

If you really want the insurance job, then check, re-check and check ONE more time that your phone number is correct. How else will our insurance recruiters contact you if both your phone number and email address are wrong? Trust us, our insurance recruiters know getting your resume together takes time and the task might be a dreaded one. But, if you start off by avoiding these ten resume mistakes, you’ll already be one step closer to landing your next insurance job. Remember, an added benefit of working with TheBestIRS is that we help fix your resume before we submit you for a position! 

Keep us in mind next time you are searching for your next insurance job.

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  1. Thank you for a helpful non-painful critique. My “old” resume was geared for a totally different career path and a few of the pointers in the article caused me to immediately clear out some clutter that does not apply at all to this industry. Always appreciate the curtain being pulled back to share some insights.

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